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The conference ranking (conference-ranking.org) is produced with collection of information from different Internet sources for the reference of research scientists. The listings of the quality conferences have been based on different academics sources but may not be yet complete.


Some helpful factors for a conference to have good ranking:

(a) Connection with the industries: It is important for the conference on applied domains. Generally, a good conference can attract more industry partners.

(b) Convenience of conference locations: It should be noted that a convenient conference location will facilitate the researchers, and many researchers would prefer convenient locations like international cities.

(c) Quality of committee members: It is an important factor, as this will affect how the conference is organized and how the quality of accepted papers can be maintained.

(d) Ratio of acceptance papers: It is an important factor for ensuring the quality of the conference papers.


(1) If any conference organizer is not satisfied with the ranking of your conference, please just ignore the ranking. This is because the ranking is just for reference only.

(2) If the conference organizer would like to have their conferences listed in this conference ranking, click here for details.


Notes for Conference Suggestions

If the conference organizers would like to have their conferences listed in this conference ranking, one should send an email to rankingnet@aol.com, with the following documents for reference:
(a) Full list of past conferences participants and their contact methods: this is for random checking with the participants for their feedbacks on the past conferences.
(b) Full list of the conference committee members and their contact methods: this is for determining the quality of the conference committee and for random contacting with some committee members.
(c) Full list of accepted papers and rejected papers and the contact methods: this is for assessing the acceptance ratio of the conference.
(d) Other relevant conference information like its history, conference location, conference web site, organizing units and industry partners.

With these document and information, the conference ranking will be able to be determined for the conference. It is expected that this process will take about half a year to one year, and we will only inform those conference organizers that have successfully been ranked in our conference ranking.


The conference ranking (conference-ranking.org) by conference types:

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Software Engineering Conference Ranking

It should be noted that some conferences may accept papers from several categories.

Some Joint Conferences and Congresses of High Ranking

AAAI: American Association for Artificial Intelligence National Conference
IJCAI: International Joint Conference on Artificial Intelligence
IMECS: International MultiConference of Engineers and Computer Scientists
INFOCOM: The IEEE Conference on Computer Communications
WCE: World Congress on Engineering
WCECS: World Congress on Engineering and Computer Science



Reference and Acknowledgement:

In order to prepare this conference ranking, a number of reference and conference web sites have been visited, and we would like to acknowledge the works in the following lists of web sites:




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